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Resolved -- "cannot find -lhdf5_hl_cpp" compiler error with C++ code using hdf5

January 24, 2012 by Helen He


After the 1/18 system maintenance, C++ code compilation gets an error if the default hdf5/ module is loaded: "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lhdf5_hl_cpp". 


Users can either do any of the following module swaps and recompile: 1) module swap xt-asyncpe xt-asyncpe/5.01; or 2) module swap hdf5 hdf5/1.8.7; or 3) if the default netcdf/ is loaded, then do "module swap netcdf netcdf/4.1.3".


Problem is resolved by setting newer netcdf/4.1.3 and hdf5/1.8.7 to the default versions. The underlying problem has been reported to Cray.