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Resolved -- Linking error when mixing C++ and Fortran using PGI under xt-asyncpe/4.9

July 1, 2011 by Helen He


Mixed C++ and Fortran codes had the linking error using PGI under xt-asyncpe:

In function `std::uncaught_exception(void)': eh_util.c:(.text+0x317): undefined reference to `__zceh_uncaught_exception'

The linking works under xt-asyncpe/4.8 for pgi wrapper. It works with gnu compiler wrapper, and pgi native compiler under xt-asyncpe/4.9.

The workaround is to either use old xt-asyncpe/4.8, or still use xt-asyncpe/4.9, and use "ftn -v" to find out the exact link line, then remove "-lstdc++" from it and relink.


Problem resolved with the new xt-asyncpe/5.01 installed and set to default on Hopper as of 09/24/11.