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Hopper scheduled maintenance on Wed, June 1

May 26, 2011 by Helen He

There will be a scheduled hardware and software maintenance followed by a dedicated system testing for Hopper next Wednesday, June 1, from 8am to 6pm. This is in conjunction with the network maintenance planned on the same day.  Hopper login nodes will NOT be available during this entire period.  

Following the maintenance, there will be a few changes to the user environment:
1) pgi/11.2.0 will be set to the default version (current default: pgi/10.9.0).
2) The per-process CPU limit will be set to 48 hours on the login nodes (current limit: unlimited).
3) Both the "NERSC_HOST" environment variable and the "nersc_host" command will return the value "hopper" (instead of the current value "hopper2"), so if you use them in any way (such as in your dot extension files, .tcshrc.ext, .bashrc.ext, .profile.ext etc. to define system specific settings), please modify accordingly.

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Hopper queue extended to 24 hrs

May 2, 2011 by Helen He

As of May 1, users can submit jobs using 4096 nodes or fewer for up to 24 hours.  Additionally, we will be running jobs larger than 4096 nodes on Friday evenings and optionally on Tuesday evenings depending on demand.

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