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Hopper to enforce scratch quotas as of Mon Apr 25

April 15, 2011 by Helen He

We will start to enforce quotas on Hopper $SCRATCH and $SCRATCH2 file systems starting Monday, Apr 25.  The default user quotas for $SCRATCH and $SCRATCH2 combined are 5 TB of space usage, and 5 Millions inodes (i.e., number of files and directories).  Users over the quota limit will not be able to submit new batch jobs once the quotas are enforced.

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Hopper Maintenance tomorrow (Wed, Apr 13)

April 12, 2011 by Helen He

We will have a scheduled Hopper system maintenance tomorrow (Wed, Apr 13), from 8am to 4pm PDT, followed by a dedicated system testing from 4pm to 7pm PDT.

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New software set to default

March 23, 2011 by Helen He

We have set new default versions for the following software after the OS upgrade on 3/23:

--- xt-mpich2 and xt-shmem 5.2.1  (changed from
--- cce 7.3.3 (changed from 7.3.1)
--- xt-libsci 10.5.01 (changed from 10.5.0)
--- ga 4.3.3 (changed from 4.3.2)
--- hdf5 and hdf5-parallel (changed from
--- petsc and petsc-complex 3.1.05 (changed from 3.1.04)

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Rebooting some Hopper login nodes this week

March 9, 2011 by Katie Antypas

We will be rebooting some of the login nodes this week.  You may see a broadcast message asking you to log off.  You should log out and log back in to  If you  have any problems logging in, please contact the consultants.

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Maintenance tomorrow (Friday March 3rd) 9am Pacific Time

March 3, 2011 by Katie Antypas

We will need to take down the Hopper system tomorrow morning at 9am Pacific Time to install a crucial patch.  At that time we will also reconfigure some of the DVS service nodes to a more optimal setting.  The downtime is scheduled to last 8 hours.

Login nodes and access to the file systems will be available.  Users can also submit jobs, though the jobs will not start until the maintenance has been completed.

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