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Getting Started

Before you can use or access Hopper, you must have an active NERSC account and valid password. If you don't, follow the "Accounts and Allocations" link in "See Also" at right. 

Hopper should be used in the following way: Log in to a "login" node, bring your files and data over, compile your code, and create a batch submission script.  Then submit that script so that your application runs on the Hopper "compute" nodes.  Pay attention to the various file systems available and the choices in programming environments, and make sure you use the compiler "wrappers."

Logging in to Hopper

A UNIX/Linux SSH or an SSH-enabled client is required to log in to Hopper. Read More »

Your First Program on Hopper

This page will step you through logging in, compiling a simple test code, creating a batch script, submitting that batch script to the queue, monitoring your job in the queue and examining output. Read More »

New Features of the Hopper XE6 - Differences from Franklin

Franklin and Hopper have similar programming environments but there are some key architectural differences between them. This page describes those differences and how they may improve your productivity. Read More »

Hopper Multi-Core FAQ

Questions & answers regarding how to get the best application performance from Hopper, suggesting strategies for using OpenMP and reducing memory usage. Read More »