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Franklin retirement date is set: 04/30/2012

March 6, 2012 by Helen He

The Franklin (and its external login node Freedom) retirement date has been set to April 30, 2012.   Below are the related schedules:

  • Effective immediately: Software frozen except for critical updates
  • Mon Apr 2: No new accounts will be created
  • Thurs Apr 26, 23:59: Batch system is drained, batch queues are stopped (no jobs will be running at this point)
  • Mon Apr 30: Last day to retrieve files from Franklin scratch file systems
  • Mon Apr 30, 23:59: User logins are disabled

Please note that NERSC will NOT archive any Franklin scratch files.  All files on $SCRATCH and $SCRATCH2 will be deleted when the system is retired.  Please do not wait until April 30, which is the last day to copy your scratch files to another system (e.g. HPSS). Note that your files in $HOME and /project will be accessible from other NERSC machines after Franklin is retired.

If you are currently only using Franklin, please start migrating to Hopper now.  If you need help or have any concerns, please contact NERSC consultants at "consult at nersc dot gov".