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Franklin Configuration

Franklin is a Cray XT4 with a peak performance of 352 TFlops, 38,288 processor cores, 78 TB of memory, and 436 TB of scratch disk space. Franklin was ranked as the world's eighth most powerful supercomputer in November 2008, and was No. 26 on the November 2010 Top 500 List.

Quad CoreAMDOpteronprocessor

Compute Nodes

Franklin has 9,572 compute nodes, each with a quad-core AMD 'Budapest' 2.3 GHz processor. Read More »

Login Nodes

Franklin has 10 internal login nodes and 1 external login node. Read More »

Files systems

The Franklin system has 4 different file systems mounted which provide different levels of disk storage, I/O performance and file permanence. There are two Lustre file systems each with a peak performance of 17 GB/second. Read More »