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Retired Systems



Babbage is a test bed cluster containing the Intel Phi coprocessor based on Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture. NERSC has been using this cluster as part of its "Application Readiness" effort aimed at learning how to assist users migrating to energy-efficient, highly parallel architectures. Read More »



Hopper, a Cray XE6, with 153,216 compute cores, 217 TB of memory and 2PB of disk is the largest system at NERSC. Read More »



Carver, an IBM iDataPlex system, provides excellent CPU performance, good energy efficiency per flop, and a familiar environment for mid-range parallel applications. Carver's computational nodes contain 2240 Intel Nehalem quad-core processors, 160 Westmere 6-core processors, and 8 Nehalem-EX 8-core processors, for a total of 9,984 cores. Read More »

CroppedResize100100 Magellan2

Jesup Testbed

Jesup is a Testbed system used to explore emerging hardware and software technologies including Hadoop, Flash Storage, and NoSQL. Read More »


Dirac GPU Cluster

Dirac GPU testbed system was shut down permanently and retired from service at 17:00 on Friday, December 12, 2014. Read More »

Edison Jeff2

Edison Phase I

Edison Phase I system was retired on 06/24/2013 for the Phase II installation Read More »


Euclid - Retired 01/31/2013

Euclid was retired from NERSC service on 31 January, 2013. View this web page to see migration options. Read More »


Franklin - Retired 04/30/12

NERSC's "Franklin" Cray XT4 system was retired from service on April 30, 2012. Read More »



NERSC's "Bassi" IBM POWER5 system was retired from service on April 7, 2010. Read More »