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Shifter image of STAR SL13a


A demonstrator STAR Shifter image is available for testing at Edison.

 At this time there is only one STAR image available for starver=SL13a. To deploy it on a single 32 core Cori node for 30 minutes execute the following sequence of commands (marked in bold

 /* login to Edison, keep graphics port open */

my-laptop$ ssh -A -X

/* load needed module */
edison06:~>$ module load shifter


/* verify you see STAR shifter image */

edison06:~> shifterimg images | grep balewski

edison docker READY a1b3104068 2016-06-30T12:35:27 balewski/sl64:STAR-sl13a4

/* request one interactive node with 32 cores for 30 minutes */
balewski@edison06:~> salloc -N 1 -p debug --image=docker:balewski/sl64:STAR-sl13a4 -t 00:30:00

salloc: Pending job allocation 960885
salloc: job 960885 queued and waiting for resources
salloc: job 960885 has been allocated resources
salloc: Granted job allocation 960885
salloc: Waiting for resource configuration
salloc: Nodes nid00009 are ready for job

/* now you are on the ’bare metal’ interactive node. To verify check this system variable is *not* set */
balewski@nid00009:~> env | grep SHIFTER_RUNTIME

/* next you need to ‘shift in to STAR image’ , reqest t-shell  */
balewski@nid00009:~> shifter /bin/tcsh

/* feels like nothing has changed but your underling system is now shifter image */
[balewski@nid00009 ~]$ env | grep SHIFTER_RUNTIME

/* in order to run STAR simulation/analysis you need to setup manually STAR environment, execute */

[balewski@nid00009 ~]$ source /usr/local/star/group/templates/cshrc
chkread :: File or directory /afs/ is not readable  <== THIS ERROR IS NORMAL , JanB.

----- STAR Group Login from /usr/local/star/group/ -----

Setting up STAR_ROOT = /usr/local/star/
Setting up STAR_PATH = /usr/local/star//packages
Setting up WWW_HOME =
Setting up OPTSTAR = /opt/star/sl53_gcc432
WARNING : XOPTSTAR points to /dev/null (no AFS area for it)
Setting up STAF = /usr/local/star//packages/StAF/pro
Setting up STAF_LIB = /usr/local/star//packages/StAF/pro/.sl53_gcc432/lib
Setting up STAF_BIN = /usr/local/star//packages/StAF/pro/.sl53_gcc432/bin
Setting up STAR = /usr/local/star//packages/SL13a
Setting up STAR_LIB = /usr/local/star//packages/SL13a/.sl53_gcc432/lib
Setting up STAR_BIN = /usr/local/star//packages/SL13a/.sl53_gcc432/bin
Setting up STAR_PAMS = /usr/local/star//packages/SL13a/pams
Setting up ROOT_LEVEL= 5.22.00
Setting up SCRATCH = /scratch1/scratchdirs/balewski
CERNLIB version pro has been initiated with CERN_ROOT=/cern/pro
STAR setup on nid00009 by Wed Jul 6 19:07:51 EDT 2016 has been completed
LD_LIBRARY_PATH = .sl53_gcc432/lib:/usr/local/star//packages/SL13a/.sl53_gcc432/lib:/usr/local/star//ROOT/5.22.00/.sl53_gcc432/rootdeb/lib:ROOT:/opt/star/sl53_gcc432/qt4/lib:/opt/star/sl53_gcc432/lib:/opt/star/sl53_gcc432/lib/mysql

/* finally set (the only allowed) STAR library version */
[nid00009] ~/> starver SL13a
[nid00009] ~/> echo $STAR

/* now you can run starsim, e.g. display STAR detector as in 2013 */

[nid00009] ~/> starsim
starsim > detp geom y2009
starsim > make geometry
starsim > dcut cave z 1 10 10

/* you should see the following image */

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/* If you want to run STAR analysis yo can compile your code with cons and execute regular .C root macro */

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/* Note, while inside STAR Shifter image you have access to NERSC  /scratch  disc , lets write a small file to svratch within STAR image */

[nid00009] ~/> echo $SCRATCH
[nid00009] ~/> df -h /scratch1/scratchdirs/balewski
df: Warning: cannot read table of mounted file systems: No such file or directory
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
- 2.0P 1.6P 306T 85% /scratch1
[nid00009] ~/> ls >$SCRATCH/aa

/* The /scratch disc is persistent. You can see the ’a’-file created inside STAR shifter image after you exit back to the interactive node */

[nid00009] ~/> exit
balewski@nid00009:~> exit
salloc: Relinquishing job allocation 960885
salloc: Job allocation 960885 has been revoked.
balewski@edison06:~> ls -l /scratch1/scratchdirs/balewski/a
-rw-r----- 1 balewski balewski 2 May 31 08:56 /scratch1/scratchdirs/balewski/a