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The basics of STAR computing at PDSF. Read More »

Local STAR Libraries

These are the STAR libraries built locally at PDSF. Read More »

STAR Test Environment

The instructions describe how to set up the STAR environment independent of the production environment. Read More »

Data Management

STAR data transfer, HPSS usage, databases and job scheduler. Read More »

File Systems

STAR has space on 7 elizas... Read More »

Shifter image of STAR SL13a

WORK-IN PROGRESS A demonstrator STAR Shifter image is available for testing at Edison.  At this time there is only one STAR image available for starver=SL13a. To deploy it on a single 32 core Cori node for 30 minutes execute the following sequence of commands (marked in bold)   /* login to Edison, keep graphics port open */ my-laptop$ ssh -A -X /* load needed module */edison06:~>$ module load shifter   /* verify you see STAR shifter image */ edison06:~> shifterimg… Read More »