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Why don't my jobs run?

If your jobs are just sitting in the "qw" state and not starting you cannot ask SGE directly why they aren't running (that service is turned off for scalability) so you have to do some detective work.  Things to consider include:

- Is the cluster full?  Maybe you just need to be patient, especially if your project doesn't have any shares.  In that case your jobs won't run until the cluster isn't full.  In any event your jobs can't run until some other jobs finish and sometimes there are a lot of relatively long jobs running.

- Check your job's resource requirements.  It might be that you are incorrectly specifying some resource or requesting something that is not available.  For example you might be specifying "-l eliza18io=1" and eliza18 might be down or the io units are all used up.  See the IO Resources page for how to check how many io units are available and how many are in use.