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Resolved: Pathscale/4.0.9 not compatible with default libraries

October 14, 2011 by Helen He (0 Comments)


New xt-libsci/11.x.x does not have pathscale support. Other default libraries (netcdf, hdf5, fftw, petsc, etc.) have no pathscale/4.0.9 support.


-- The pathscale/4.0.9 module swaps the current default (xt-libsci/11.0.01) to xt-libsci/10.5.01 (no action from users needed).

-- To use pathscale/3.2.99, users need to swap xt-libsci to xt-libsci/10.5.01 first.

-- User codes need hdf5, netcdf, fftw, petsc, etc. will have to stick with pathscale/3.2.99 version for now.


Pathscale compiler has been retired on Hopper as of August 1, 2013.


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