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Resolved -- Default version not shown in "module avail module_name" command

April 13, 2011 by Helen He (0 Comments)


The default software version is not shown when "module avail module_name" is issued.  For example:

% module avail pgi

---------------------------------------------- /opt/modulefiles -----------------------------------------------
pgi/10.9.0 pgi/11.0.0 pgi/11.1.0 pgi/11.2.0 pgi/9.0.4


Issue the command "module avail" without the specific module name, the output gives the complete list of available modules, including the default version of each module. For example:

% module avail


PrgEnv-pathscale/3.1.49                   pgi/10.9.0(default)
PrgEnv-pathscale/3.1.49A                  pgi/11.0.0
PrgEnv-pathscale/3.1.61(default)          pgi/11.1.0
PrgEnv-pgi/3.1.27A                        pgi/11.2.0
PrgEnv-pgi/3.1.35                         pgi/9.0.4



This problem has been fixed on June 28, 2011. 



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