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[FIXED] JGI data loss in /projectb/sandbox area [purge]

August 19, 2013 by Kjiersten Fagnan

We have discovered a serious bug in our purge scripts on /global/projectb. The */global/projectb/sandbox* areas are supposed to be immune from the purge (like the project directories); however, there is a bug in the purge script that caused some files to be deleted if they had not been touched for 90+ days (like data in the scratch directories). *The sandbox areas are not backed up*, so if this data was not in more than one location on disk or in HPSS, it has been lost. We have found the bug and have suspended the purge script until the bug is fixed.

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[FIXED] perl 5.16.0 File::Glob() causes crashes

August 15, 2013 by Doug Jacobsen

There is an issue with the default modules installation of perl where the glob() function can crash the perl executable.  This happens if multiple (space separated) patterns are being matched by glob():

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