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Rolling gpint upgrades 10/2-10/10

October 1, 2012 by Katie Antypas (0 Comments)

NERSC needs to update-and-correct the system software installed on the gpint machines. To achieve this, we need to schedule downtime for each of the gpints. The downtime will last from 9:00AM - 5:00PM on the scheduled date. One purpose of this work is to adjust the installed Debian 5 software packages to bring all genepool and genepool-attached systems to a single common OS image. This will help to ensure that installed software on genepool will work correctly on the gpints - there are several cases in open tickets where software works on the genepool login nodes but fails on the gpints; the will also facilitate easier maintenance of the gpints. Another purpose is to perform some hardware maintenance of the gpints where required.

*Public Access gpint Machines*

gpint16: October 2, 2012
gpint17: October 3, 2012
gpint18: October 4, 2012
gpint19: October 2, 2012
gpint20: October 8, 2012
gpint21: October 9, 2012
gpint22: October 10, 2012

*Group gpint Machines*
gpint01: October 2, 2012
gpint02: October 3, 2012
gpint03: October 4, 2012
gpint04: October 5, 2012
gpint05: October 8, 2012
gpint06: October 9, 2012
gpint07: October 10, 2012
gpint08: October 2, 2012
gpint09: October 3, 2012
gpint10: October 4, 2012
gpint11: October 5, 2012
gpint12: October 8, 2012
gpint13: October 9, 2012
gpint14: October 10, 2012

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