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NetApps file system set to read-only April 17th

April 6, 2012 by Katie Antypas

On April 17th we plan to set the NetApps file system to read-only.  This is in preparation for retiring the NetApps file system at the end of May.  Please make plans to archive this data to NERSC's HPSS tape system or move them to another file system like house or projectb.

After April 17th you will be able read data from the NetApps, but not write to them.   Information on moving data to NERSC's tape archive is located here.

If you need help or have concerns about this change please let us know as soon as possible.  The NetApps file system is already off maintenance protection and we are pushing to get all user data off of them because at this point, we would be unable to recover any data from the NetApps file system in case of failure.