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Running Jobs

Submitting Jobs

How to submit your job to the UGE. Read More »

Running with Java

Solutions to some of the common problems users have with running on Genepool when the JVM is part of their workflow. Read More »

Batch Script Examples

Sample batch scripts for Genepool/Phoebe highlighting queue selection, setting the run time and requesting large amounts of memory. Read More »

Interactive Jobs

How to run your workflow on the interactive nodes. Read More »

Job Arrays on Genepool

Job arrays are a way to efficiently submit large numbers of jobs. Read More »

Parallel Batch Scripts

This page has examples of how to run parallel jobs on Genepool. Read More »

Best Practices - and Practices to Avoid

Things users should do to run jobs efficiently using UGE. Read More »

Monitoring and Managing Jobs

Information on how to monitor and modify your jobs after they've been submitted. Read More »

Accounting - What happened with that job?

Find out about your group's usage and how charging calculations are done. Read More »