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If your configure script fails with compiler checking

April 29, 2014

We are in the process of getting a permanent fix for this issue, and we load craype-ivybridge modue on Edison login nodes now. Your configure script may fail again. If you see this, please use the two workarounds we provided below until we get a workaround or a permanent fix.  06/05/2014


This problem was fixed as of 4:00 pm PST 5/1/2014 by providing a temporary workaround. (We  load the craype-sandybridge module instead of craype-ivybridge module by default now.) 


If you compile your code using Intel compilers, your configure script may fail with compiler checking because the compiler wrappers from craype/2.1.1 generate the binaries that do not run on login nodes. We have filed a bug about this with Cray. The temprary workarounds are:

1) do "module unload craype-ivybridge"  or "module swap craype-ivybridge craype-sandybridge". then after configure is done, reload the craype-ivybridge module or swap back to craype-ivybridge module.

2) you can unset the environment variable, CRAY_CPU_TARGET to run configure, and reset it back to ivybridge after configure completes.

unset CRAY_CPU_TARGET      #for bash
unsetenv CRAY_CPU_TARGET #for csh

after configure is done, before compiling (before running make commands) do

export CRAY_CPU_TARGET=ivybridge      #for bash
setenv CRAY_CPU_TARGET ivybridge #for csh