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Running jobs

Quick Instructions for Hopper users

Edison has the same number of cores per node, 24, but has a larger per core memory, 2.67 GB vs. 1.3 GB. On Edison the Intel Hyper-threading option is available, so that you can run twice as many tasks or threads per node when compared to Hopper. Read More »


A brief overview of how to run jobs on Edison. Read More »

Interactive Jobs

Interactive jobs may be run on Edison by requesting resources from the batch system. "qsub -I -V -q debug -lmppwidth=[num_cores]" is the basic command to request interactive resources. Read More »

Batch Jobs

Batch script options. Read More »

Example Batch Scripts

Sample batch scripts for MPI, OpenMP, hybrid applications and various workflows. Read More »

Job Launch Command: aprun

Aprun is the job launcher for Cray XC30. There are many options that are especially important for Edison. Read More »

Queues and Scheduling Policies

Queue limits, policies and tips for getting your job through the queue faster. Read More »

Monitoring Jobs

Once a job is submitted it can be monitored, held, deleted and in some cases altered. Read More »

Using OpenMP with MPI

This page describes how to compile and rum hybrid MPI/OpenMP applications. Read More »

Memory Considerations

Here's what you can do if you run out of memory. Read More »