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NESAP Roles and Liaisons


There are a number of different activities within the NESAP Program.  The table below provides the lead for each area.

Overall NERSC Exascale Science Application Program Katie Antypas & Jack Deslippe
Architecture Nick Wright
Post-doc program Rebecca Hartman-Baker
Cray/NERSC Center of Excellence Ankit Bhagatwala
Intel Dungeon Session code preparation Jack Deslippe
Training Rebecca Hartman-Baker
Testbeds Helen He
Performance Modeling Brian Austin, Nick Wright
Libraries Zhengji Zhao
Tools Woo-Sun Yang
Xeon-Phi Users Group Richard Gerber
Application Readiness and Portability Across DOE Labs Katie Antypas


NERSC NESAP Code Liaisons

Each member of NERSC's application readiness staff with be partnered with a NESAP code team.  The role of the code liaison is to help code teams prepare for the Cori architecture by: answering user questions about the Cori architecture and programming model, determining strategies to address performance issues and optimize code, profiling applications, preparing code teams for dungeon sessions, and connecting teams to vendor experts at Intel and Cray.

CodePI/CollaboratorsNERSC LiaisonNESAP Postdoc
M3D Jardin Woo-Sun Yang  
MFDn Vary/Maris/Ng Brandon Cook  
CESM Dennis Helen He  
BoxLib Library, Nyx Almgren Brandon Cook Brian Friesen
Chombo Crunch Trebotich Brandon Cook Andrey Ovsyannikov
PARSEC Chelikowsky Jack Deslippe  
EMGeo Newman Thorsten Kurth  Tareq Mals
ACME Johansen Helen He  
MPAS-Ocean Ringler/Oliker Richard Gerber   
Gromacs Smith/Schulz Zhengji Zhao  
Meraculous Yelick/Rood Brandon Cook  
HACC Habib Stephen Leak  
WARP Vay/Grote Ankit Bhagatwala  
XGC1 Chang Ankit Bhagatwala  Tuomas Koskela
MILC Toussaint/Gottlieb Doug Doerfler  
NWChem Bylaska/Apra/De Jong Zhengji Zhao  
BerkeleyGW Deslippe Jack Deslippe  
DWF/CPS Christ/Karsch Woo-Sun Yang  
Chroma Joo Thorsten Kurth  
Quantum Espresso Kent Jack Deslippe Taylor Barnes (Hopper Fellow)