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2014 NERSC allocation requests due September 22

August 13, 2013 by Francesca Verdier | 0 Comments

NERSC's allocation submission system is now open for 2014 allocation requests. All current projects (including startup, education, and ALCC projects) must be renewed for 2014 if you wish to continue using
NERSC.  New project requests may be submitted as well (for either the remainder of 2013 or for 2014).

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Data Management for Science Webinar August 22

August 6, 2013 by Francesca Verdier | 0 Comments

This one hour webinar is presented by ESnet and Globus Online on Thursday, August 22 at 2:00 PM EDT / 11 AM PDT.  It will cover Globus Online data transfer, sharing and mobility tools as well as best practices for managing data.  The session will also include presentations by two scientists who have successfully used these technologies to accelerate their science workflow and discovery process. 

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New Account Request form for new NERSC accounts

July 15, 2013 | 0 Comments


NERSC has implemented a new, user initiated account request form for new NERSC user accounts to all NERSC projects. This form is intended to reduce data entry errors and also reduce processing time by allowing a new user to enter their information for an account into a form that goes directly into the NIM database. This methodology has been in use by the PDSF and JGI communities and we are now extending it to the MPP community. 
We have also taken the separate, community specific forms and combined them into one general form. This form, for new NERSC user accounts, can be found at:
New users will need to obtain specific information about the project they want to be added to. They will need to select the account type (General for MPP, PDSF High Energy Physics cluster for PDSF, or Genepool JGI Bioinformatics cluster for genepool), and then, after entering their name, preferred username, and contact information, they will need to select the project/repository/experiment/share that they want to be added to from the provided selection list. They can search the list either by the PI's or Proxy's name, the repository/experiment/share name or the Project's name as it appears in NIM. They should also enter information about what type of work they are doing and any special requirements.
Included in this new form is the Electronically Signed Computer User Agreement. This eliminates an additional step that users had to take in order to get their account activated. This form is submitted along with their request and follows their account through the approval and activation process.
Once the user agrees to our Usage Policies, they can submit the form and the Pi and Proxies of the project will be notified that a new account has been submitted. They can then log into NIM and either approve or deny the account request. If the account request is denied, the user will be notified of the reason for denial.
If the account request is approved, then the NERSC Account Support office will be notified for futher account activation. When the account is activated, the user will recieve an email with a link to set their initial password and they will be ready to go to work.
NOTE: This form is ONLY for new NERSC accounts. If a user has an existing account, or if they had an account in the past that has been de-activated, they should contact the PI of the project they want to be associated with (or the Account Support office) and request that the PI add/re-activate their account using the Add/Revive User function within NIM.
Any questions or suggestions can be addressed to the Account Support office via email at or by calling 1-800-66-NERSC opt 2 or 1-510-486-8612


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Introduction to HPC using GPUs July 11, 2013

June 18, 2013 by Francesca Verdier | 0 Comments


Registration is open for a one-day class "Introduction to High Performance Computing using GPUs" on July 11, 2013. The class is being held on the University of California Berkeley campus in Sutardja Dai Hall room 250 and will be broadcast to remote viewers.
For more information and to register (both local and remote attendees), please visit
The class is open to NERSC users; Berkeley Lab and UC-Berkeley students, faculty, and staff; and users of the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF). There is no fee. In-person registration is limited to 40.
In addition, NERSC users are welcome to register for the following events sponsored by OLCF:


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Edison Down for About One Month Starting June 24

June 4, 2013 by Francesca Verdier | 0 Comments

The Edison Phase II system arrives at NERSC in June, and will boost the Phase I core count by more than a factor of 10. In order to integrate the new components and upgrade existing ones, the entire Edison system will be unavailable for about one month beginning June 24. This includes the login nodes and the scratch file system. Please plan your work accordingly.

While we do not expect to have to delete data on the scratch file system during the conversion, we strongly recommend that you save data you want to preserve to HPSS or elsewhere to guard against unforeseen developments. There is no guarantee your data will be available when Edison returns.

Further details of the Phase II system will be announced later.

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