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Allocation Year Rollover: 2013 to 2014

Note: Allocation Year 2013 (AY13) ends at 23:59:59 on Monday, January 13, 2014. AY14 runs from Tuesday, January 14, 2014 through Monday, January 12, 2015.

Below are major changes that will go into effect with the beginning of AY14 on Tuesday, January 14, 2014. All times listed are PST.

Scheduled System Downtimes

There will be no service disruption during the allocation year rollover this year. Interactive and batch use will continue uninterrupted (except for "premium" jobs on Hopper; see below).

Charging Across AY Boundary

All batch jobs will continue running during the rollover. Time accrued before midnight will be charged to AY13 repos; time accrued after midnight will be charged to AY14 repos. Running batch jobs that are associated with non-continuing repositories will have the AY14 component of their usage charged to a NERSC AY14 overhead repository. Queued ("idle") jobs associated with non-continuing repositories will fail upon startup in AY14.

Edison Batch Changes

During AY13, Edison was in a pre-production phase.  Edison will become a production resource with the start of AY14.  A number of changes to its batch environment will coincide with the allocation year rollover. 

  • In AY13 Edison utilized "fairshare" batch job scheduling.  Beginning in AY14, Edison will start using the same age-based scheduling method that is used on Hopper and Carver. 
  • In AY13 there were no repository charges for Edison use.  Beginning in AY14, repo charging will begin, using the same charging algorithm as the other NERSC MPP systems (note that the machine charge factor for Edison is 2.0; for comparison, Hopper's charge factor is 1.0, and Carver's is 1.5).
  • The low and premium queues will be enabled.
  • The maximum node count for the reg_small, ccm_queue, low, and killable queues will be raised from 512 to 682.
  • The minimum node count for reg_med will be raised to 683.
  • Any job requesting 683 or more nodes will receive a 25% charging discount (unless run in the premium queue).  Such jobs also receive a "one-day" scheduling priority boost.

Hopper Batch Changes

Charging discounts for large Hopper jobs will be eliminated beginning in AY14.  Note that the "one-day" scheduling priority boost will remain in effect, as this aids in scheduling large jobs.

Hopper Premium Queue Temporarily Disabled

The "premium" batch queue on Hopper will be stopped at 08:00, Wednesday, January 8, and will be restarted at 08:00, Tuesday, January 14.  During this time, no premium jobs will start, and jobs submitted to the premium queue will be rejected.

AY14 Allocation Awards

The AY14 allocation award letters were e-mailed to project PIs on December 13. The awards are listed on the allocation awards web page. On January 14, the new allocations of CPU time and mass storage will replace those from AY13. Unused allocations do not carry over into the new allocation year.

Web Refreshing

Users must logout and login again to NIM to get a correct view of AY14 settings. This only applies to NIM sessions that are active at 00:01 on January 14. Also, note that an account usage summary is displayed for users that have logged in to the main NERSC website. This information is acquired from NIM. Therefore, users must logout and login on the main NERSC website for this information to be correct.

New Repositories

When a new repository is created, its initial membership consists of the PI and any PI Proxies that were designated in the ERCAP proposal. The PI and/or Proxies may add other users to the repository after the new AY starts on January 14th. Instructions for adding users to repositories can be found in the "NIM User's Guide for PIs" here. In addition, users may now add themselves to repositories; these user initiated additions must then be approved by the PI or by a Proxy.  See How to Get a NERSC Account.

Account Creation/Validation Moratorium

No user accounts will be created or validated after Wednesday, January 8 at noon until Tuesday, January 14 at 08:00. Any such changes made in NIM during this time will not take effect until after AY14 begins.

Discontinued Users

Effective January 14, a number of current (AY13) users will be considered "discontinued". This can happen for the following reasons:

  • A user belongs to only one AY13 project that is not being supported in AY14.
  • A user has been explicitly dropped from a repository by the Principal Investigator or Project Manager of that repository.

All discontinued MPP users will have limited login access to their authorized machines until February 14. Such users will be unable to submit batch jobs, but will be able to perform limited interactive tasks. The intent of this access is to allow discontinued users the ability to "clean up", e.g., transfer files back to their home institution.

All discontinued users will continue to have write access to HPSS until February 14, and then limited read-only and delete access for six months (until August 14, 2014). This will allow such users to transfer important data back to their home institution or to active NERSC users and to delete files that are no longer needed.

Deadline for AY13 Startup Requests

Startup awards are small allocations made throughout the allocation year. The deadline for AY13 startup awards is 17:00, Friday, December 20. Any startup requests submitted after this deadline will not be processed until after AY14 starts on January 14.