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Data Exploration


Highly interactive data exploration is a key component of scientific analytics, often combining multiple analytics technologies, such as data mining and visualization, to find important features within data or to discover the essential results from a simulation or experiment. A relatively new term, discourse, refers not only to the integration of analytics technologies, but also to the goal - knowledge discovery - and to the interactive nature of the process of reaching that goal.


Low-Swirl Combustion: Experiments and Simulations Working Together

Simulations that ran on the Franklin Cray XT at NERSC captured the detailed structure of a lean hydrogen flame on a laboratory-scale low-swirl burner. Image courtesy of M. Day, LBNL. Visualization generated using VisIt by M. Day and A. Nonaka (LBNL CCSE) with help by G. H. Weber (LBNL Vis Group/NERSC Analytics). More… Read More »


Analysis of Laser Wakefield Particle Acceleration Data

In collaboration with researchers of the LOASIS program (LBNL) and the SciDAC SDM center (LBNL) we have been working on various efforts aimed at improving the analysis of laser wakefield particle acceleration data. More… Read More »


Astrophysics Visual Analytics

Astrophysics lends itself to a visual analytics approach to data exploration due to the inherently visual nature of much astronomical data (including images and spectra). One of the grand challenges in astrophysics today is the effort to comprehend the mysterious "dark energy," which accounts for three-quarters of the matter/energy budget of the universe. The existence of dark energy may well require the development of new theories of physics and cosmology. Dark energy acts to accelerate the… Read More »