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Cascade of turbulence in the solar wind (Image by Burlen Loring)


Exploratory Visualization, Data Analysis, and Mining tools are used to inspect datasets, create and test hypotheses as well as to find features within a dataset. Visualization of data is one of the primary tools for data exploration, and may precede or inspire more formal data analyses. The technologies described here may be used individually or together to explore data.

Tools and Strategies to Data Understanding explains how to get started at crunching data at NERSC.

Use Cases and Success Stories presents the results of collaboration between NERSC and NERSC users in 3 different topics.Data exploration discusses how analytics technologies can be integrated to provide a framework for discovery. Data Analysis and Mining refers to the application of mathematical and statistical tools for efficient access to information from large amounts of data, as well as supporting data organization and prediction. 

discusses how analytics technologies can be integrated to provide a framework for discovery.

How to choose the right system at NERSC:

  • Small datasets
  • Large datasets

How to choose the right tools and software to use

Analytics and Visualization Software at NERSC

Data analysis and visualization are two steps in data understanding, often interleaved and symbiotic, so many of the available tools characterized as one category, end-up having some functionalities of the other. Bellow find a list of tools organized under Analytics or Visualization, but have in mind that they may have a yet large intersection in terms of their functions.

Visualization Analytics
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Paraview Mathematica
  Python tools - Numpy, Scipy, iPython, matplotlib

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Python tools - Numpy, Scipy, iPython, matplotlib


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Case Studies

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Workflow Management?

Data Analysis and Mining

Data Exploration

  • Case Study: Astrophysics

Quick Links: NERSC Tools for Data Exploration


Tools and Strategies for Data Understanding

NERSC is commited to support users, including instructing them how to carry on analysis using their data stored in NERSC systems. This page describes tools and strategies for data understanding using software installed at NERSC. Do you have other software options? Please contact us and let us know which solutions will help you better extract information from your… Read More »

Use Cases and Success Stories

The following pages presents use cases and success stories about the work developed in collaboration with NERSC… Read More »