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The NERSC Allocation Request Form (ERCAP)

Resources Requested Tab

NERSC's computational resources share a common "MPP" (which stands for Massively Paralle Processing) allocation.  See Usage Charging.

Under Alloc Type select one of:

  • ALCC Awards: only if you have received an ALCC award from DOE. 
  • Data Pilot Allocations: These projects are not being renewed for 2014, so this should not be selected.
  • Director Reserve Allocations: only if your project has been sponsored by the NERSC director.
  • DOE Production:  for  production-ready projects, including SciDAC projects, awarded by DOE
  • Startup:  for PIs who wish to investigate using small amounts of NERSC resources for new projects
  • ALCC Awards: if you have a DOE ALCC award
  • Education: if the project is for classroom teaching
  • NISE Awards: if you are applying for a NERSC Initiative for Scientific Exploration (NISE) award.
  • Sponsored Allocations: only if you have a dedicated or sponsored project (the name was changed from dedicated to sposored for 2014).

All NERSC projects have accounts on the mass storage system, HPSS. The storage accounting units are SRUs (Storage Resource Units). A SRU Calculator can help you estimate your SRU requirements. See HPSS Charging.