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The NERSC Allocation Request Form (ERCAP)

Project Overview Tab

Principal Investigators, PI Proxies and Senior Investigators

The Principal Investigator, commonly referred to as the PI, is responsible for the project and for managing any resources awarded to the project. The PI is usually one of the PIs on a grant listed on the DOE Funding tab.

If your project has multiple PIs, please pick one to be the NERSC PI. Other PIs can be listed as Senior Investigators and/or PI Proxies. Senior Investigators are the key contributors in your project. If you need to change the PI for the project contact the Account Support Group at

A Principal Investigator can designate one or more "PI Proxies" who help to to fill out the request form and to manage the project's users.  You can add a PI Proxy to your project by clicking the Add a preparer (PI Proxy) link.

Project Title, URL, Image, and Name

Please choose a project title that succinctly describes your project, suitable for display in award lists and in NERSC's Annual Report. The NERSC Project Title is not required to match the title of any existing DOE grant or project.  The Title is limited to 256 characters; shorter titles are preferable (100 or fewer characters). In summary, the title should be short and descriptive.

All projects should provide a project URL; these are useful in obtaining additional information about a project (e.g. when responding to queries for information).

You are encouraged to upload a "logo image" for your project. These images are used to identify projects  on NERSC web pages that describe large running jobs, science news, press releases, and displays at the SuperComputing conferences.  The maximum image size you may upload is 20 MB. Acceptable image types are png (preferred), jpg and gif.  It is best to use a square image (one that has the same number of pixels on both sides). Images will be vetted by NERSC staff before being displayed publicly.

Also choose a short project name (10 characters maximum) that uniquely identifies your project. Examples of such project names are "MPICH" (for the project that supports MPICH software development) and "STAR" (for the project that analyzes data from the STAR experiment). If you wish, you may use a repository name as your project name.

Project Class

Choose one of:

  • ALCC project: only if you have received an ALCC award from DOE.  The ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC) awards are solicited and awarded by DOE's Advanced Scientific Computing Research office once a year.  See the ALCC page.
  • CSGF project: if you have a DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship.
  • DOE Base: for production-ready projects that receive direct grant support from one of the six DOE Offices of Science or whose research reflects the mission of the Office of Science. See Eligibility and DOE Mission.
  • Director Reserve project: only if your project has been sponsored by the NERSC director.
  • Education: only if the project is for classroom teaching (and not research).
  • SBIR project: if you have DOE Small Business Innovation Research funding.
  • SciDAC: if you have DOE SciDAC funding.
  • Sponsored project: only if you are renewing a dedicated or sponsored project.
  • Startup: for PIs who wish to investigate using NERSC resources for new projects, or who wish to port or develop new codes. The maximum Startup awards are 50,000 Cray XT4 equivalent hours and 15,000 Storage Resource Units.

Sponsoring Site

The sponsoring site is usually the host institution of the request PI.  If your site is not listed, click on the link to add a new organization. A pop-up window will appear:

  1. Enter the Organization name.
  2. Selet the appropriate Organization Type (one of DOE Lab, Industry, Non-Profit, Other Gov Lab, Private Lab, University).
  3. Enter one or two lines for the organization's mailing address.
  4. Enter the City.
  5. Select the US State.
  6. Enter the Postal or ZIP Code
  7. For non US organizations, enter the Province.
  8. Select the Country.
  9. Enter the organization's website address in the form (do not prepend http://).

Science Category

Select the Science Category that best categorizes your project. Please do not select Other.

The science categories for 2015 are:

  • Accelerator Science
  • Applied Math
  • Astrophysics
  • Biosciences
  • Chemistry
  • Climate Research
  • Combustion
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Fusion Energy
  • Geoscience
  • High Energy Physics
  • Humanities
  • Lattice QCD
  • Materials Science
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Other

DOE Office and Program

If you are funded by the DOE Office of Science select the Office and Program that fund your project.

If you are not funded by the DOE Office of Science, see Eligibility