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The NERSC Allocation Request Form (ERCAP)

Starting a New Request

Select the ERCAP requests link in the NIM main menu, then scroll to the bottom of the ERCAP requests list of titles and click the Start a new request link.  Note, however, that existing NERSC users who are not yet registered as a PI will see instead a button labeled Click here to start a new ERCAP request as a PI.

During times when you can submit a new request either for the current year or for the next year (typically between late August and December) you will be prompted for the request year.  If you want to compute during the current year make sure to chose the current year (which is selected by default).  Then click Start new ERCAP request.

The ERCAP application form will now load. The questions on the application form are divided into several pages. Each page is grouped under a tab. You will be in the first page, called Project Overview.  Once you have answered the questions in this section, click the Save Project Overview button.  After that you can click on any ERACP tab in any order, but you must click a tab's Save button to save edits you have made to that section.

To continue working on a proposal you have previously saved click on its Edit link. (Please do not start a new request.)