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The NERSC Allocation Request Form (ERCAP)

Validating your User List

As part of the ERCAP renewal process PIs (or PI Proxies) must certify their current user list. This means: review, correct and certify contact information and project role for your active users. DOE asks this to be done once a year.

The ERCAP system will not let you submit your request until you have certified your user list (renewed requests only).

Project roles are:

  • Principal Investigator: Can edit the ERCAP request form and manage user lists. This role cannot be selected; if you need to change the project PI contact
  • PI Proxy: Can edit the ERCAP request form and manage users.
  • Project Manager: Can manage users (add/delete users, adjust their quotas).
  • User: Can charge time to the project's repositories.
  • Deleted: Is no longer a member of the project. If you select Deleted: the user will be immediately limited and then restricted in all of the project's repositories (you should not delete a PI Proxy - contat NERSC Account Support for this).

PI and Proxy role change requests should be submitted to NERSC Account Support.

You should consider deleting users who have been inactive for six or more months, as well as users who have not signed the current Computer Use Policy Form (this is indicated by a value of "OLDFORM" or "NONE" in the column Signed Policies).

A new column (Next Year Status) has been added in 2015 for you to indicate whether your project users should be continued in 2015.  The status has been pre-filled to Keep if they have been active and to Delete next AY if they haven't been active in the past 12 months.  You may change theses statuses if you wish.  You now have the ability to delete a user immediately (use Deleted in the Role column) or at the start of the next allocation year.

When you are done verifying the information for all of your active users (those with a project role other than "Deleted") click the check box that says I certify that the above user information is correct for all active users in this Project. DOE requires that this be done once a year. Then click the Save button.