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NERSC Data Systems

NERSC File Systems

 The following table shows NERSC file systems, their size and availability on computational systems.

File System Size Edison Hopper
Carver Dirac PDSF Genepool Data Transfer Nodes

Global homes

246 TB

Global project  3.8 PB Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Global projectb  2.6 PB Y  Y Y Y N Y Y
Local scratch  - Y (6.4 PB) Y (2.2 PB) N N Y (34.9 TB for batch nodes) Y N
Others - N N N N   Y (2.1 PB for /house and /ifs) N

 See more information at NERSC file systems.


NERSC HPSS (High Performance Storage System) Mass Storage Systems

 Storage System Usage Maximum Capacity Disk Cache Tape Drives Maximum Aggregate Bandwidth*
Archive ( Storing user files 150 PB 250 TB 102 (Oracle STK 9840D: 26; Oracle STK T10KB: 50; and Oracle STK T10KC: 26) 12 GB/sec
Regent ( Computer system backups 90 PB 50 TB 42 (Oracle STK 9840D: 8; Oracle STK T10KB: 26; and Oracle STK T10KC: 8) 4 GB/sec

* An estimated total aggregate bandwidth of the disk subsystems only, not all the interface in the system.

See more information at NERSC data archive systems.