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High-Impact Science at Scale on Cori

August 24, 2017

NERSC received a large number of responses to its Call of Proposals for High-Impact Science at Scale on Cori KNL nodes, which were reviewed for the ability to scale to 2,000 or more Cori KNL nodes, potential science impact, feasibility/risk, and appropriateness of approach and resources requested. Many proposals scored very highly in all these categories, but requests far exceeded the time available in the NERSC Director's Reserve to support this program.  Eight awards were given, each with enough time to make significant progress in their research.

The following projects were awarded time through the program, which allocated a total of about 450 million NERSC Hours.

Principal InvestigatorOrganizationProject Title
 Christine Goulet  USC Earthquake Center  M8 Earthquake on the San Andreas Fault
 Katrin Heitmann  Argonne National Laboratory  Knowhere (Cosmology)
 Frithjof Karsch  Brookhaven National Laboratory  Net strangeness and net electric charge fluctuations in strong-interacting matter
 Steven Louie  UC Berkeley  Ab initio quasiparticle and optical properties of materials at scale
 Zarija Lukic  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Physical model of the intergalactic medium
 Adam Stanier  Los Alamos National Laboratory  Probing the physics of magnetic reconnection – from fusion energy to space plasmas
 David Trebotich  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  Chombo-Crunch: Extreme scale simulation of flow and transport in heterogeneous media
 Jean-Luc Vay  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  High-resolution 3D studies of asymmetric effects in the BELLA plasma accelerator experiments