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The Crossroads/N9 Memory Bandwidth benchmark is a modified version of the STREAM benchmark originally written by John D. McCalpin. The modifications have been made to simplify the code. All memory bandwidth projections/results provided in the vendor response should be measured using the kernels in this benchmark implementation and not the original STREAM code.

Required Problem Sets

The memory bandwidth benchmark shall be used to benchmark all levels of the memory hierarchy that are above the last level cache. Results shall be supplied for every type of compute resource in the proposed architecture.

Source Distribution

Source distribution can be found here.

How to Build, Run and Verify

Refer to the README.APEX file in the source distribution.


Original version was developed by John D. McCalpin. The version used for this procurement is derived from McCalpin's version.

Change Log

11/9/2015 Source distribution link enabled
10/30/2015 Initial release