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The Crossroads/N9 DGEMM benchmark is a simple, multi-threaded, dense-matrix multiply benchmark. The code is designed to measure the sustained, floating-point computational rate of a single node.

Required Problem Sets

The DGEMM benchmark shall be used to benchmark each type of node intended for computation in the proposed system. If a given node has configurable options, the benchmark will be used to report the performance of each configuration.

Source Distribution

Source distribution can be found here.

How to Build, Run and Verify

Refer to the README.APEX file in the source distribution.


This benchmark was developed at Sandia National Laboratories, led by Simon Hammond.

Change Log

01/21/2016 New source distribution with support for CBLAS, NVBLAS and MKL
11/9/2015 Source distribution link enabled.
10/30/2015 Initial release