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FES: NIMROD Simulation

Download Image: NIMROD-1.png | png | 1.5 MB

Trajectory of an energetic ion in a Field Reverse Configuration (FRC) magnetic field. Magnetic separatrix denoted by green surface. Spheres are colored by azimuthal velocity. Image courtesy of Charlson Kim, University of Washington; NERSC repos m487, mp21, m1552


FES: Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulation using the GYRO Code

Download Image: Gyro.jpg | jpg | 1 MB

Turbulence in a torus-shaped plasma manifests itself as electron density fluctuation. Image courtesy of Ronald Waltz, General Atomics; NERSC repos gc3 and mp94.


BER: Pore-Scale Fluid Flow for Subsurface Reactive Transport

Download Image: Scheibe.png | png | 3.1 MB

Pore-scale fluid flow computed using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics showing solid grains, fluid velocity and traces of individual fluid particles. Visualization by Kwan-Liu Ma, University of California at Davis. Repo m749


BER: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Protein Folding

Download Image: DaggettHiResBlackbg.png | png | 1.8 MB

Native state of the enzyme RuBisCO, showing a schematic representation of the secondary structure. Image courtesy of Valerie Daggett and Marc van der Kamp, University of Washington. NERSC repo m559


BER: Hurricane Formation and Evolution

Download Image: CCSM.png | png | 1.9 MB

Visualization of CCSM Simulation Data with VisIt showing hurricane formation and evolution. Dataset provided by Michael Wehner (LBNL); visualization provided by Prabhat (NERSC). NERSC repo m1204


ASCR: Lab-scale Flame Simulation

Download Image: marcdayhydrogenflame.jpg | jpg | 4 MB

Simulation of a laboratory-scale low-swirl flame that burns a lean mixture of hydrogen-air fuel. Image Courtesy of John Bell (LBNL). NERSC repo mp111


BER: Earth's Climate System

Download Image: CCSM4large.jpg | jpg | 3.8 MB

A single month from a simulation of the 20th century by the CCSM capturing wind directions, ocean surface temperatures, and sea ice concentrations. Image courtesy Gary Strand (NCAR) and copyright University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. NERSC repo mp9


FES: Small Scale Experimental Plasma Research

Download Image: SlavaFull.png | png | 1.1 MB

Magnetic field lines from HiFi simulations of two spheromaks. NERSC repo m1255


HEP: CASTRO (Eulerian Radiation Hydrodynamics) Simulation

Download Image: KChenCastroHiRes2013.png | png | 3.6 MB

Collision between two shells of matter ejected by a massive star in two pair-instability supernova eruptions, only years apart, just before the star dies, showing a slice through a corner of the event. Shell radius (red knots) is about 500 times the Earth-Sun distance. Colors represent gas density (red is highest, dark blue is lowest). Image courtesy of Ke-Jung Chen, School of Physics and Astronomy, Univ. Minnesota. Repo m1400


ASCR: Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

Download Image: PorousMedia3medres.png | png | 159 KB

Simulation of density-driven flow for CO2 storage in saline aquifers. Shown is a snapshot of the CO2 concentration after onset of convection overlayed on the AMR grid. Image courtesy of George Pau and John Bell (LBNL). Repo mp111


BES: New Approach to Water Desalination

Download Image: 744889477276295a0862c.jpg | jpg | 343 KB

Snapshot from a Molecular Dynamics simulation showing water molecules (red and white), and sodium, chloride ions (green and purple) in saltwater, on the right, encountering a sheet of graphene (pale blue, center) perforated by holes of the right size, with water passing through (left side), but sodium and chloride being blocked.


NP: First Observation of PeV Neutrinos with IceCube

Download Image: IceCubeImg2013.png | png | 582 KB

Observation of a high-energy particle shower event from August 2011, identified as a PeV-energy neutrino. Each sphere represents a digital optical module sensor in the IceCube detector. Sphere size is a measure of the recorded number of photoelectrons. Colors represent arrival times of photons (red, early; blue, late).


NP: Core-Collapse Supernova

Download Image: Otts271115snap.png | png | 1.6 MB

Image depicting a central engine model used in simulation of core-collapse supernovae and long gamma-ray bursts, from Christian Ott (Caltech), Repo m152


BES: 3D rendering of shear-velocity in the earth's mantle in the central Pacific region

Download Image: view3d-1.jpg | jpg | 1.8 MB

BES: Three-Dimensional Fermi Surface for the α and β Bands of CeCoIn5

Download Image: TanmoyFig3.png | png | 1.3 MB

Color map of the calculated Fermi Surfaces gives the anisotropy of the magnitude of the Fermi velocities ranging from low (blue) to high (red).