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Networking, Security & Servers

The Networking team is responsible for NERSC's local area network infrastructure. They configure and maintain the routers and switches and work with ESnet to improve wide are network access to user sites. The Security team is responsible for NERSC's security configuration and for compliance with DOE and Berkeley Lab security requirements. They configure and operate intrusion detection systems and respond to security incidents. The Server team is responsible for the 24 by 7 support of the NERSC servers, which serve Web, NIM Account Management, Grid, Software Licensing, Email, Networking, Security and other services.


Brent R. Draney

Group Lead
(510) 486-5791 |

Scott Campbell

Security Team
(510) 486-6986 |

Aaron G. Garrett

Workstation Support
(510) 495-2299 |

Craig Lant

Security Analyst
(510) 423-3373 |
Stefan Lasiewski

Stefan Lasiewski

Senior Server Team Engineer
510) 486-4619 |
jason 1992

Jason R Lee

Deputy of Networking and Security
(510) 486-7342 |