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Joaquin Correa

Joaquin Correa
Computer Systems Engineer
Data & Analytics Services
Phone: (510) 463-4572
1 Cyclotron Road
Mail Stop 59R4010A
Berkeley, CA 94720

Biographical Sketch

Joaquin Correa is a Solutions Architect, High Performance Computing Engineer and Pythonista in the Data Science Engagement team at NERSC. Currently, he is responsible for the development and integration of HPC solutions for Advanced Light Source (ALS)Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) and leading the Imaging Strategy at the center. His interests are Burst processing/Data streaming, Automated data logistics, Image Processing/Computer vision and effective technology transfer for science and industryPrior to his appointment at LBNL, Correa worked as a R&D Engineer in the Oil & Energy industry and in the Manufacturing sector for both corporate and goverment.

Journal Articles

Wen-Ting Tsai, Ahmed Hassan, Purbasha Sarkar, Joaquin Correa, Zoltan Metlagel, Danielle M. Jorgens, Manfred Auer, "From Voxels to Knowledge: A Practical Guide to the Segmentation of Complex Electron Microscopy 3D-Data", August 13, 2014, doi: 10.3791/51673

The bottleneck for cellular 3D electron microscopy is feature extraction (segmentation) in highly complex 3D density maps. We have developed a set of criteria, which provides guidance regarding which segmentation approach (manual, semi-automated, or automated) is best suited for different data types, thus providing a starting point for effective segmentation.

Conference Papers

Correa, J., Skinner D., Auer M., "Integrated tools for next generation bioimaging", Conference in Medical Image Understanding and Analysis (MIUA) | Royal Holloway, Egham, July 9, 2014,

Correa, J., "Enabling Science from Big Image Data using Cross Cutting Infrastructure", International Conference on Big Data Science and Computing | Stanford University, May 27, 2014,


Correa, J., OME Workshop (ybd), OME Users Meeting | Institut Pasteur, Paris, June 5, 2014,

Joaquin Correa, Scalable web-based computational bioimaging solutions at NERSC, CryoEM meeting - SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory | Stanford University, April 17, 2014,

Joaquin Correa, Integrated Tools for NGBI--Lessons Learned and Successful Cases, LBNL Integrated Bioimaging Initiative, September 4, 2013,


NextGen Bioimaging (NGBI) requires a reliable and flexible solution for multi-modal, high-throughput and high-performance image processing and analysis. In order to solve this challenge, we have developed an OMERO-based modular and flexible platform that integrates a suite of general-purpose processing software, a set of custom-tailored algorithms, specific bio-imaging applications and NERSC's high performance computing resources and its science gateways.
This under-development platform provides a shared scalable one-stop-shop web-service for producers and consumers of models built on imaging data to refine pixel data into actionable knowledge resources.



Fox W., Correa J., Cholia S., Skinner D., Ophus C., "NCEM Hub, A Science Gateway for Electron Microscopy in Materials Science", LBNL Tech Report on NCEMhub, May 1, 2014,

Electron microscopy (EM) instrumentation is making a detector-driven transition to Big Data. High capability cameras bring new resolving power but also an exponentially increasing demand for bandwidth and data analysis. In practical terms this means that users of advanced microscopes find it increasingly challenging to take data with them and instead need an integrated data processing pipeline. in 2013 NERSC and NCEM staff embarked on a pilot to prototype data services that provide such a pipeline. This tech report details the NCEM Hub pilot as it concluded in May 2014.


Joaquin Correa, David Skinner, "BIG DATA BIOIMAGING: Advances in Analysis, Integration, and Dissemination", Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology, March 24, 2014,

A fundamental problem currently for the biological community is to adapt computational solutions known broadly in data-centric science toward the specific challenges of data scaling in bioimaging. In this work we target software solutions fit for these tasks which leverages success in large scale data-centric science outside of bioimaging.

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Purbasha Sarkar, Patanjali Varanasi, Lan Sun, Elene Bosneaga, Lina Prak, Bernhard Knierim, Marcin Zemla, Michael Joo, David Larson, Roseann Csencsits, Bahram Parvin, Kenneth H. Downing, Manfred Auer, "BioFuels 2.0: Plant cell walls - Towards rational cell wall engineering", EBI (Energy BioSciences Institute) and JBEI (Joint BioEnergy Institute), 2012,

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