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Quincey Koziol

Quincey Koziol
Quincey Koziol
Principal Data Architect
Phone: (510) 486-6734
Fax: (510) 486-6459
1 Cyclotron Road
M/S 59R4010A
Berkeley, CA 94720 US

Conference Papers

Jialin Liu, Evan Racah, Quincey Koziol, Richard Shane Canon,
Alex Gittens, Lisa Gerhardt, Suren Byna, Mike F. Ringenburg, Prabhat,
"H5Spark: Bridging the I/O Gap between Spark and Scientific Data Formats on HPC Systems", Cray User Group, May 13, 2016,

M. Scot Breitenfeld, Kalyana Chadalavada, Robert Sisneros, Suren Byna, Quincey Koziol, Neil Fortner, Prabhat, Venkat Vishwanath, "Tuning Performance of Large scale I/O with Parallel HDF5", SC’14 PDSW Workshop, October 15, 2014,

Babak Behzad, Huong Luu, Joey Huchette, Suren Byna, Prabhat, Ruth Aydt, Quincey Koziol, Marc Snir, "Taming Parallel I/O Complexity with Auto-Tuning", SuperComputing 2013, October 9, 2013,

Book Chapters

Quincey Koziol, Ruth Aydt, Russ Rew, Mark Howison, Mark Miller, Prabhat, "HDF5", Book Chapter in High Performance Parallel I/O, Prabhat, Quincey editors, CRC Press., ( October 23, 2014)


Annette Greiner, Evan Racah, Shane Canon, Jialin Liu, Yunjie Liu, Debbie Bard, Lisa Gerhardt, Rollin Thomas, Shreyas Cholia, Jeff Porter, Wahid Bhimji, Quincey Koziol, Prabhat, "Data-Intensive Supercomputing for Science", Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) Data Science Faire, May 3, 2016,

Review of current DAS activities for a non-NERSC audience.

Prabhat, Suren Byna, Kesheng Wu, Jerry Chou, Mark Howison, Joey Huchette, Wes Bethel, Quincey Koziol, Mohammad Chaarawi, Ruth Aydt, Babak Behzad, Huong Luu, Karen Schuchardt, Bruce Palmer, "Updates from the ExaHDF5 project: Trillion particle run, Auto-Tuning and the Virtual Object Layer", DOE Exascale Research Conference, 2012,