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MILC Medium Characterization on Seaborg


Step ID s00613.18797.0 Job Name
Owner hjw Account mpccc Status Completed
LL class reg_1 Submit class regular Job type Parallel
Nodes 4 Wall secs 1,113 Wall hrs 0.31
MPP secs 71,232 MPP hrs 19.79 Raw Secs 71,232
Submit Jul-13-07 08:51:39 Start Jul-13-07 08:53:03 Wait 00:01:24
Completion Jul-13-07 09:11:38 systime 791 usrtime 64,102
Task Max. Memory (GB) 7.098e-02  
Nodelist s03401, s01605, s08001, s06005
*Indicates dispatch time

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IPM summary

Executable ./su3_rmd
Number of tasks 64 Aggregate GFlop/sec 11.9237 Average GFlop/sec/task 0.1863
Average wall secs 9.902e+02 Aggregate memory (GB) 4.5392 Average memory/task (GB) 0.0709
Average MPI secs/task 9.967e+01 MPI time % 10.07 Aggregate MPI calls made 2.078e+07

IPM summary statistics - 64 tasks

MetricSum over all tasksAverage (per task)Task CV (%)Task MinimumTask Maxium
Aggregate Floating Point Operations (Flop x 10**9) 1.181e+04 1.845e+02 0.00 1.845e+02 1.845e+02
GFlop/sec 1.192e+01 1.863e-01 0.00 1.863e-01 1.863e-01
Maximum Memory Usage (GBytes) 4.539e+00 7.092e-02 0.04 7.089e-02 7.097e-02
Time Spent in MPI Routines (sec) 6.379e+03 9.967e+01 10.41 7.812e+01 1.092e+02
Wallclock Time (sec) 6.337e+04 9.902e+02 0.01 9.901e+02 9.902e+02
Memory in units of gigabytes; time in seconds.

Hardware counter statistics - 64 tasks

Counter NameSum over all tasksAverage (per task)Task CV (%)Task MinimumTask Maxium
PM_CYC 2.323100e+13 3.629844e+11 0.07 3.623680e+11 3.635148e+11
PM_FPU0_CMPL 4.363867e+12 6.818543e+10 0.01 6.817856e+10 6.820329e+10
PM_FPU1_CMPL 2.956544e+12 4.619600e+10 0.01 4.617866e+10 4.620402e+10
PM_FPU_FMA 4.485888e+12 7.009201e+10 0.00 7.009003e+10 7.009419e+10
PM_INST_CMPL 1.814167e+13 2.834636e+11 2.10 2.692618e+11 2.892426e+11
PM_LD_CMPL 5.879919e+12 9.187374e+10 2.20 8.706502e+10 9.383294e+10
PM_ST_CMPL 3.520887e+12 5.501386e+10 2.48 5.179024e+10 5.631185e+10
PM_TLB_MISS 2.517029e+10 3.932857e+08 6.53 3.866656e+08 5.703134e+08

MPI time statistics - 64 tasks

CallSum over all tasksAverage (per task)Task CV (%)Task MinimumTask Maxium% of MPI% of wall
MPI_Wait 4.748e+03 7.419e+01 16.32 4.983e+01 8.577e+01 74.437 7.493
MPI_Isend 1.131e+03 1.768e+01 11.65 1.583e+01 2.185e+01 17.736 1.785
MPI_Allreduce 3.238e+02 5.060e+00 22.78 3.348e+00 7.314e+00 5.077 0.511
MPI_Irecv 1.741e+02 2.721e+00 18.76 2.143e+00 4.001e+00 2.730 0.275
MPI_Barrier 5.216e-01 8.151e-03 76.78 4.213e-04 1.552e-02 0.008 0.001
MPI_Comm_size 4.713e-01 7.364e-03 0.74 7.292e-03 7.585e-03 0.007 0.001
MPI_Bcast 3.236e-01 5.056e-03 32.02 7.191e-04 1.002e-02 0.005 0.001
MPI_Comm_rank 2.023e-03 3.161e-05 63.78 2.146e-05 1.843e-04 0.000 0.000

Percent of total MPI Time

Pct. MPI Time by function

MPI call frequency statistics - 64 tasks

CallTasksNumber of Calls (per task)Buffer Size (Bytes)
SumAverageCV (%)MinimumMaxiumSumAvg. per taskAvg. per call
MPI_Wait 64 1.014e+07 1.584e+05 0.00e+00 1.584e+05 1.584e+05 0.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00
MPI_Isend 64 5.070e+06 7.921e+04 0.00e+00 7.921e+04 7.921e+04 0.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00
MPI_Allreduce 64 9.485e+04 1.482e+03 0.00e+00 1.482e+03 1.482e+03 0.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00
MPI_Irecv 64 5.070e+06 7.921e+04 0.00e+00 7.921e+04 7.921e+04 0.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00
MPI_Barrier 64 1.280e+02 2.000e+00 0.00e+00 2.000e+00 2.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00
MPI_Comm_size 64 4.102e+05 6.410e+03 1.95e-03 6.410e+03 6.411e+03 0.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00
MPI_Bcast 64 1.920e+02 3.000e+00 0.00e+00 3.000e+00 3.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00
MPI_Comm_rank 64 6.400e+01 1.000e+00 0.00e+00 1.000e+00 1.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00 0.000e+00