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[Jgi-users] JGI-NERSC Weekly Newsletter

Author: Daniel Udwary <>
Date: 2018-06-12 11:34:41

*Training Opportunities - NERSC New User Training will be held this week on Thursday, June 14 from 1-2:30pm in room 149A. The training is intended to introduce new JGI students, interns, or staff to the computing resources available through the NERSC supercomputing facility. We’ll also make the session available via Zoom ( <>) and we’ll record the talk for later viewing. - Thank you to those who attended our Advanced Anaconda session last week. The slides <> and the video recording <> are both up at our trainings and tutorials page <>.- If YOU are interested in helping to organize an official JGI Anaconda channel and any associated resources, please send Dan an email. We’ll be organizing a meeting soon! - NERSC is hosting a full-day workshop on the Cray programming environment and performance tools on Thursday, June 14, 2018. It will begin with a presentation entitled "Applying 'Whack-a-mole' Method using Cray perftools to identify the moles" in the morning, and continue with presentations on the new features in the Cray programming environment, more tips and tricks on using perftools, and conclude with an introduction to the Cray Programming Environment Deep Learning Scalability Plugin. (Note that this will be held at NERSC on the Hill.) For more information and to register, please see <>Upcoming Outages - Cori monthly maintenance will take place this week, Wednesday June 13. The system is expected to be unavailable between 07:00-21:00. - NERSC Center-wide Power Outage - Power work and quarterly maintenance activities are being planned for Friday August 17 through Tuesday August 22. At this time, all NERSC computing systems are expected to be unavailable. We’ll provide more info as planning proceeds. General Information - NERSC Office Hours. Regular office hours are in Room 413 at the JGI.- Wednesday - 10am-12pm- Thursday - 10am-12pm* --Dan Udwary NERSC Data Sciences Engagement Group _______________________________________________ Jgi-users mailing list

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