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[Jgi-users] JGI-NERSC Weekly Newsletter

Author: Tony Wildish <>
Date: 2018-03-07 15:44:37

Denovo * Denovo status & plans for 2018 o UGE’s license will expire on March 31.After that, you will be unable to schedule jobs using UGE. There will be no extensions beyond March 31. o GPINTs must be converted soon, migrating to the Denovo OS and to Slurm. If you rely on UGE on your Gpint, you MUST make the switch as soon as possible. o Migration of compute nodesto Denovo will complete in March. Priority on Genepool is going to the production pipelines that haven’t yet migrated. o If you cannot use Denovo, please contact us. Anyone who canuse Denovo should not use Genepool anymore. o There’s more information on Denovo on the NERSC website <>. Training opportunities * NERSC will hold a one-day training event for new userson Wednesday, March 21, 2018. (Note that this is a training session led by NERSC staff and held on the LBL campus. It is NOT the JGI New User Training session typically run by Dan and Tony) Topics include accounts and allocations, programming environment, tools, best practices and the data-intensive science ecosystem. See details and registration. * “Best Practices” Training Session.Tony and Dan will hold a training session Thursday, March 22 from 3 to 5pm in room 149A. The session will cover NERSC’s plans for the future (and redefinition) of Genepool, and cover best practices and helpful suggestions for running software on Cori and Denovo. Consider this a refresher course, suitable for all interested users. General Information * JGI-NERSC SysOpswill next meet on Thursday Mar 8, 3-4pm in room 101. o The migration to Cori and Denovo is a standing item, and we request that all groups send representativesto make sure all voices are heard. * NERSC Office Hours.Regular office hours are in Room 413 at the JGI. o Wednesdays 10am-12pm o Thursdays 10am-12pm _______________________________________________ Jgi-users mailing list

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