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[Pdsf-users] specialized queues are available

Author: Jan Balewski <>
Date: 2018-03-02 11:45:43

Dear users, as per PIs request, we have subdivided PDSF into more specialized partitions (aka queues). 4 new partitions have been created: long, short, realtime, and debug - all require the use of Shifter. The table below summarizes the differences, new partitions are in blue. The legacy 'shared' partition is identical to new 'long' partition and the former will be disabled on Wednesday next week - if things run smoothly. To use any Shifter partition you need to add one and change one line in your Slurm (.slr) scripts. a) add: #SBATCH --image=custom:pdsf-chos-sl64:v4 b) replace execution of the shell script performing the actual task from : ./ to: shifter --volume=/global/project:/project /bin/bash ./ Many experiment specific examples are posted here: $slusers command lists running/pending jobs for all existing partitions so knowing the total capacity of each partition (table below) you can make the decision which one works the best for you. Note 1, it may take few (5?) minutes before Slurm finds a free job slot for your job, even if given partition is empty - we (you) are running nodes very hard those days and Slurm takes time to talk sequentially to each worker node. Note 2, you can gain interactive access to worker nodes with salloc command using any of the existing partitions with all limits being applied as for sbatch. Please let us know if you see any problems, preferably by filing a ticket at <> or sending an email to <>. Thanks Jan _______________________________________________ pdsf-users mailing list

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