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[Pdsf-users] UGE/SLURM batch transition, user meeting slides

Author: Jan Balewski <>
Date: 2017-09-12 13:14:11

Dear PDSF users, we are in the process of re-partitioning of the PDSF batch systems. Today we are draining and reconfiguring a set of nodes from UGE worth ~600 job slots to be added to SLURM w/ CHOS within a day. The target configuration for the total of 4000 PDSF job slots is: UGE=70% (15% decrease) SLURM w/ chos=25% (15% increase) SLURM w/ shifter =5% (no change) You can verify the capacity of SLURM queue with the command $ module load slurm $ sinfo -N -all | grep shared-chos to list all nodes managed by slurm in the shared-chos queue. You can list all SLURM jobs in execution, aggregated by user and by project with the command $ sluser It is analogous to sgeusers command for UGE. Please let us know if you see any issues. Thanks Jan P.S. The slides from today PDSF user meeting are posted at the usual place Jan _______________________________________________ pdsf-users mailing list

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