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[Jgi-users] JGI-NERSC Weekly Newsletter

Author: Daniel Udwary <>
Date: 2017-06-14 11:46:15

Training Opportunities - We’d like to make sure the training we offer is as useful and effective as possible, so please help us by completing a survey on your training experiences and needs <>, before June 19th. Whether you’ve taken any of our training sessions or not, your opinion is valuable to us. We don’t have many responses so far, so please, spare 5 minutes for this. - Hands-on TaskFarmer + BurstBuffer training on Thursday 22nd, 3:00 - 5:00 in 149A. - TaskFarmer is a workflow manager which can efficiently run large numbers of relatively small tasks, and is available on Cori, Edison and Genepool. See - The BurstBuffer is a way to optimize applications with certain disk I/O patterns by providing fast disk close to the compute nodes, on Cori only. See - Please note that you must register for this tutorial by adding your name to So far, nobody has signed up. General Information - Are you ready to migrate to SLURM? Plans are in place to change the Mendel cluster (including Genepool) from the UGE scheduler to SLURM, the scheduler in use on all other NERSC system, by Aug 2017. SLURM is also currently in place on Denovo, Genepool’s test cluster. If you run a pipeline or compute task critical to the JGI, and you haven’t started testing migration or don’t know where or how to start, please contact Dan or Tony today via ! - NERSC will begin charging for jobs run on the Cori KNL nodes effective July 1. The charge factor is 96 NERSC hours per node-hour. Program managers will distribute supplemental allocations for use on the Cori KNL nodes. Full Access to Cori KNL will be given to all users beginning this week. - NERSC Office Hours. Office hours are in Room 413 at the JGI. - Monday 1-4pm - Wednesdays 10am-12pm - Thursdays 10am-12pm _______________________________________________ Jgi-users mailing list

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