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[Pdsf-users] PDSF is available

Author: Lisa Gerhardt <>
Date: 2014-08-12 20:16:22

Hi PDSF Users, PDSF is back online. Please log in and submit jobs. The project and global scratch file systems are still unavailable, so please don't forget to use IO resources or else your jobs might fail. There have been several major changes made to PDSF during the maintenance. First, all PDSF users have migrated to the NERSC global home file system. This means that your home is now in the directory /global/homes/<first_letter>/<user_name>. If you were already actively using NERSC global homes, your PDSF home directory has been backed up into a directory called "pdsf_old_home" in your global home directory. If you have only ever logged into PDSF, we copied your pdsf home directory data directly into your global home directory. If any files on global homes were over written during this process, they have been backed up into a directory called "pdsf_global_backup". If you find anything amiss, please email The old PDSF home directories can be accessed (read only) at /u/<user_name> for a limited time. If you had not yet upgraded to the new dot files before today, the "generic" settings you need to access PDSF will be available (like modules, qsub, and qstat) but any customized settings you may have added will be missing (aliases, sourcing group specific scripts, etc.). You will need to copy these over from your dot files in /u/<user_name>. The dot files in NERSC global homes are symbolic links to read-only files that NERSC controls. For each standard dot file, there is also a user-writable '.ext' file, this is where you should add your own custom variables and settings. Please see this page for more information: Second, the default chos on PDSF is now Scientific Linux 6.4. This means that if you do not have a ".chos" file in your home directory (and many of you do not) you will end up in the newer operating system when you log in. Programs that are compiled for Scientific Linux 5.3 will not work in Scientific Linux 6.4. If you would like to keep Scientific Linux 5.3 as your default OS, just put "sl53" into a .chos file in your home directory. For more details about chos, please see this page: You can check which chos you are in using the "chosenv" command. Please email if you run into any issues or have any questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make these transitions. Lisa _______________________________________________ pdsf-users mailing list

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