Page comments I re-compiled my program on Edison with Intel compiler. Once submitted the job, the waiting time in the regular queue was very short compared to Hopper. The run on Edison was smooth and with no problems. Comparing the CPU time for the run, I found that the job run almost twice as faster as in Hopper (using PGI compilers). (In Edison it took 111 seconds and in Hopper/PGI 203 seconds) So, to have a fair comparison in term of CPU time, I recompiled in Hopper with Intel compilers since Edison uses Intel compilers by default. The computing time in Hopper (using Intel compiler) was longer = 231 seconds. So I found that my program (CMAD) in Edison runs twice as faster than in Hopper. This is excellent improvement! Thu, 29 Aug 2013 02:09:02 -0700 Mauro Pivi